A Case of the Runs

[whole wheat pizza photo]No new recipe today, so this post is all about runs!  I did make some pizza from scratch over the weekend, but I’ve already posted a pizza recipe so that’s nothing new.  I used the same stone-ground whole wheat flour that gave us trouble with fresh pasta; luckily there were no disasters with the pizza.  Still, the crust was a little more rustic than I like, so I’ll opt for the finely-ground stuff for now on.  And we made a Giada de Laurentiis pasta dish with roasted peppers last night that I was hoping to post today, but it needs some work before it becomes blog-worthy (too dry).

The Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k

Erin ran the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k yesterday, finishing in 27:41, almost two minutes faster than in the Bel Air Town Run three weeks ago!  I was there to cheer her on and got this great photo just before the finish:

[erin running 5k]

(Note: No Meat Athlete does not endorse the pile of vomit that Royal Farms calls food.)  When asked by an NMA staff reporter about how she took two minutes off her 5k time in only three weeks, Erin was stumped.  She hasn’t done any running in that time, only biking, so how she got so much faster is anyone’s guess.  It was a flatter course, so maybe that had something to do with it, but I attribute it to staying up until 2 am and having a few beers at a wedding the night before the race.  Will she take more minutes off her time this weekend, when we run a 5k at the beach?

Marathon Training Week 2

My tempo run over the weekend went really well.  It was sweltering hot out, and I accidentally gmapped a really hilly route (lesson learned), but in the face of such oppression I threw myself a Boston Tea Party (or is it a Boston Q Party?).  The target was to run five miles at 7:15, my Boston qualifying pace, in addition to the warmup and cooldown miles.  I was able to manage a 7:05, 7:15, 7:10, 7:20, and 7:25.  Given the heat and hills, I was extremely happy with this pace.

The hill issue is becoming something of a problem with my training program.  The difficulty stems from the fact that every run I do near my house is hilly, and Run Less, Run Faster doesn’t even mention hill workouts in the training schedule.  And I’d rather have my fingernails yanked out than run seven miles on a track or treadmill.  I wish, at the very least, that there were some sort of hill-adjustment to the paces they want me to hit.  Does anyone else have this problem, and a good way to deal with it?  How much time should I add to my per-mile pace when I’m running on rolling hills with some big steep ones mixed in?

There is one flat trail about 45 minutes from me, and that’s where I’m headed this afternoon to knock out my long run, 15 miles at 8-minute pace.  I’m going there mainly because of the water issue–my plan is to do about three miles at a time, then turn around so that I can get a quick drink from my car after each six miles.  I’ll let you know how it works out tomorrow.

By the way, Atlantic City went well.  I won a little money, which is always better than losing a lot (my usual routine).  And my high-rolling friend Chris has a great hookup that landed us in a sweet sweet suite with plenty of free food and drink.  So if it turns out that I do in fact have a gambling problem (as my father suspected of me when I was very much underage), it will soon be exposed by many imminent returns to America’s Playground.



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  1. Congrats to Erin on the 5k – that’s an awesome time!!

    I’m still chuckling about the title of this post….3rd grade-level humor can’t be beat!
    .-= katherine´s last blog ..Make New Friends, but Keep the Old… =-.

  2. Just think of your hilly routes as prep for beantown 🙂 Congrats to Erin on the 5k!
    .-= Megan (The Runner’s Kitchen)´s last blog ..Bridal Party Road Trip =-.

  3. Well done Erin! I got such a pang of longing when I saw this picture… Can’t wait to get to the point where I can start training for a 5K!

    That pizza looks seriously delicious!
    .-= Hanlie´s last blog ..Quick Monday Check In =-.

  4. Thanks! I was exhausted because we were up so late for the wedding. So despite the lack of sleep and the heat I was pretty happy with my time!

  5. Go, Erin, go!

  6. “Staying up until 2 am and having a few beers at a wedding the night before the race.”

    Sounds like a pre-race strategy that I wouldn’t mind trying! 🙂

    Congrats Erin on the awesome time!

    .-= Veggie Runnr´s last blog ..Ride for Roswell =-.

  7. Congrats to Erin! That is really exciting that she took 2 minutes off. Pizza looks yummy- always a great weekend meal. Glad you won some $$!! Have a good Tuesday- hope you guys both have a short work week
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Peach Crisp/Weekend =-.

  8. congratulations to Erin! you go girl!

    and you go boy with your bad running self!
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..The Bachelorette Work-Out Plan =-.

  9. Atlantic City sounds like fun! And wow Erin ran pretty fast, that’s awesome.

    I like training with hills- you don’t realize how much your running has improved until you get back on the flat surface again.
    .-= Sagan´s last blog ..Success Policies =-.

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