Why Making That Change May Be Easier Than You Think

Changes Ahead

There was a time when I thought running a marathon, going vegan, and cooking without oil would each be impossible feats.

But if you listen to this podcast or read this blog, then you know that all three of those — and a ton of other big changes I’ve made — were not nearly as hard as I thought. And you’ve probably noticed the same with any big changes you’ve made in your own life.

… Your body “learns” to run, and what it feels like to run a mile changes, becomes far more pleasant.

… Your taste buds change, so that what used to seem bland becomes delicious, and overly flavored processed foods taste like junk.

… The cravings you feared only last for a few weeks or months, and then they vanish completely.

Sometimes, before you attempt it, a change will feel so radical you’re afraid to commit. But once you do — and more importantly, once you get over the initial hump and your body and mind adapt — you realize those fears were unfounded.

In today’s episode, Doug and I discuss this phenomenon, and why your next big change might not seem so big once you just start.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • How your brain and body adapt to changes you make
  • Why Doug’s first-ever 13-mile run was a letdown
  • The 30-day challenge (and why it works)
  • When are you ready for a big change, and how do you know when you’re not?

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