How To Train In The Heat



Hold up…Doug WINS a 24 hour ultramarathon? Last weekend he not only kept his NMA Radio guarantee by reaching 100 miles under the cut-off, but did us one better by actually winning the race.

In today’s episode we hear a few battle stories from the race, what he learned, and how he managed the monotony of a loop course.

And as summer approaches in the northern hemisphere, so does the heat. After the race discussion Doug and I dive into strategies and tips for training and racing on those hottest of summer days.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Nutrition during a 100 mile ultramarathon
  • Mental struggles and benefits of a loop course
  • The sweet, sweet glory of winning an ultramarathon
  • How heat affects you body during training
  • Tricking your body vs actually cooling your core temperature
  • Tips for heat training

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